2005 The Nth Degree Cabernet Sauvignon

2005 The Nth Degree Cabernet Sauvignon

The Nth Degree Cabernet Sauvignon offers the black cherry flavors and bold tannins that are characteristic of great California Cabernets. It delights with hints of chocolate and earthy tones, a lush dark fruit in the middle of the palate and a big finish.


This Cabernet Sauvignon comes from vineyards that were farmed to The Nth Degree. Each vine received at least 15 passes whereby leaves, shoots, and clusters were removed to ensure that the only clusters that remained were of the highest quality. The water was managed so that the vines were perfectly balanced with the correct amount of growth to fully ripen the berries for the optimal level of flavor. The grapes were hand-harvested into halfton bins in the early morning.


The wine was fermented in one-ton bins and punched down by hand twice daily to maximize fruit and flavor extraction. After primary fermentation, the wine was immediately racked and pressed into 60-gallon oak barrels, where it completed malolactic fermentation.


This wine was barrel-aged for 21 months.

2005 The Nth Degree Cabernet Sauvignon