Sunday Brunch Menu

Sunday Brunch Menu

April 13, 2014

Breakfast Pastries

mini quiche - asparagus, garden greens and grana padano 7

caramel morning bun - cinnamon, sugar and coconut 7

mom’s coffee cake mini muffins - vanilla, cinnamon and sugar 6


selection of house made salami – fennel-garlic, truffle-hazelnut and veal cacciatore 13

duo of grilled breakfast meats - house made pork sage sausage and guanciale 10

endive and rhubarb salad - duck pancetta, chevre, hazelnut, marjoram, frisee and mustard 12

chopped garden kale salad - sunflower seed, currants, ricotta salata, turnip and lemon 10

pancetta and garden kale soup - fava bean, crouton, garlic and grana padano 10

caesar salad - hearts of romaine, garlic croutons and grana padano 11

roasted beets - hazelnut, point reyes blue cheese, red quinoa, dried cherries and madeira 10


buttermilk biscuits and gravy - porksausage gravy and two fried eggs 17

eggs benedict - canadian bacon, whole wheat english muffin and rustic potatoes 18

braised pork belly buscuit - buttermilk biscuit, scrambled egg and breakfast potatoes 16

estate beef red flannel hash - potato, beets, hollandaise and fried eggs 22

buttermilk pancakes - sea salt maple pecan butter, candied pecan and maple syrup 14

grilled cheddar beef sausage - white corn grits, spring onion, poached egg and red eye gravy 22

Main Courses

roasted walu fillet - parsnip, fennel, sunchoke, saffron, orange and carrot 30

smoked stone valley farm pork chop - house made sauerkraut and riesling mustard sauce 32

grilled grass fed beef burger - cheddar cheese, house made bacon, steak onions and fries 18

braised estate beef ravioli - braised estate short rib, parmesan, oregano and maitake 24

yellow corn polenta - spring peas, asparagus, six minute egg, garden greens and parmesan 18

roasted mukau - braised artichoke, beet, fava bean, radish and pickled leeks 30

poached shrimp salad - guanciale, spring onion, pickled asparagus, sherry vinaigrette 18