2016 Club Tournament Schedule

2016 Club Tournament Schedule

All events are for Club Wente Golf and/or Proprietor’s Reserve Members only

NCGA Zone Championship Qualifier* - Saturday, March 5th 8:00 Tee Times

NCGA 4-Ball Net Qualifier* - Saturday, March 19th 8:00 Tee Times

Sandy “Lie-L” Classic – PYP - Saturday, April 9th 8:00 Tee Times

Merlot Jacket* - Saturday, April 23rd 8:00 Tee Times

Proprietor’s Reserve “King of the Vine”** - Pairings Party May 5th @ Wine Release

Proprietor’s Reserve “King of the Vine”** - Rd 1: Saturday, May 7th 7:30 Tee Times

Proprietor’s Reserve Member-Member** - Saturday, June 4th 8:30 Shotgun

NCGA Senior 4-Ball Qualifier - Saturday, June 18th 8:00 Tee Times

Two-person Alternate Shot* - Saturday, July 9th 8:00 Tee Times

Two-person Scramble* - Saturday, July 23rd 8:00 Tee Times

NCGA Net Amateur Qualifier* - Saturday, July 30th 8:00 Tee Times

Club Invitational kick off* - Friday, August 12th Time TBD

Club Invitational (Member/Guest)* - Saturday, August 13th & Sunday, August 14th 9:00 Shotgun

Stableford* - Saturday, September 10th 8:00 Tee Times

Team Best-Ball* - Saturday, September 24th 8:00 Tee Times

Club Championship* - Saturday, October 8th & Sunday, October 9th 8:00 Shotgun

Points Tourney* - Saturday, October 29th 8:00 Tee Times

*Points Event

**PR Member’s only

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