Golf Tips

Golf Tips

  • September Golf Tip

    September Golf Tip

    Whenever you visit the practice range, or if out playing a round, make a point of noticing the shape of every shot that you hit.

  • August Golf Tip

    August Golf Tip

    It is said that you need a “good grip” on a club to play your best golf. As it turns out you not only need a “good grip” with your hands, you also need one in your hands.

  • July Golf Tip

    July Golf Tip

    There is nothing worse than having a perfect drive, followed by a perfect second onto the green in regulation and then 3 putting for bogey.

  • June Golf Tip

    June Golf Tip

    Ever notice what the top pros do when they land in horrendously deep or lush rough the kind you see at U.S. Opens?

  • May Golf Tip

    May Golf Tip

    The Swing Trigger is not something that is talked about very much yet in my opinion it is one of the more crucial aspects of good swing rhythm and an often overlooked swing fundamental.

  • April Golf Tip

    April Golf Tip

    One of the biggest goals and questions asked from golfers is how can I shave a couple more strokes off of my next round?