June Golf Tip

June Golf Tip

Accept your Punishment

Ever notice what the top pros do when they land in horrendously deep or lush rough the kind you see at U.S. Opens? Usually, they take a pitching wedge or some sort of shorter iron and hack the ball back to the shortest grass via the shortest or safest route. The tendency for a lot of us, on the other hand, is to try for much more than that.

On any shot from the thick rough or a deep bunker that our first thought is “it’s unplayable,” accept your punishment and take the shortest possible route back to the fairway. Use a club with sufficient loft and weight, such as a 9 iron or pitching wedge, to help fight through the thick rough. Open the club face slightly to offset the taller grass grabbing the hosel and closing the face and make sure to grip the club firmly with the left hand (for right handers…right hand for left handers). When making your swing take the club away at a steep angle, keep your eye on the ball and make a steep, aggressive swing. Do not worry about the follow through. The only thing you want to focus on is making solid contact with the ball and getting it out of the rough and into shorter grass. Accepting your punishment is sometimes hard to do and can bruise our ego but coming off the course with a lower score winning by 1…I’ll let you decide!

Yours in golf,

Cabe JonesHead Golf Professional