August Golf Tip

August Golf Tip

Why Regrip and how often?

It is said that you need a “good grip” on a club to play your best golf. As it turns out you not only need a “good grip” with your hands, you also need one in your hands. The golf grip is your body’s only point of contact with the club, so it is easy to say that if you have a bad grip it could be bad for your game. To play your best golf, your hands need a good, solid connection to the club. This not only allows you to have light wrist action, one that doesn’t really need too much pressure or tension in swinging the golf club but can also have a very positive change in your confidence and your game.

There are a number of opinions out there on how often someone should change out their grips from two times a year to every 40 rounds of golf played. I believe once a year to two years is sufficient, as long as they feel tacky they should be good, once they start getting slick and hard it is time to change. One thing you can do to help prolong the life of your grips is to wash them every so often with mild soap or dish detergent, scrub with a soft brush, rinse well, then towel dry and allow to air dry to keep the dirt and skin oils from accumulating and restore that tacky feel.

Yours in golf,

Cabe JonesHead Golf Professional